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Cleaning and Maintenance

The doors and windows are elements of frequent use.
Their outsides are permanently exposed to the drastic climatic changes. Nevertheless, in spite of these strong loads, they provide for many decades a reliable operation, without giving problems, solely giving them from time to time a little attention and care.

As the periodic inspection of a vehicle is necessary and indispensable for its correct operation, also is the maintenance of the windows and doors.

Cleaning and maintaining the elements optimizes their functionality and maintains their beauty.

CLEANING (Every 3 months)

How to clean correctly your window and door systems?

•For the cleaning process utilize a cotton fabric and sufficient water.

•Make sure that also all overlapping parts (internal and external) of the window are cleaned. These areas only can be reached by opening the window.

•Make sure not to use detergents that attack the surface of the windows nor the ironwork. Therefore we recommend avoiding the use of chemicals.

•We recommend using traditional and effective methods, like water with vinegar or neutral soap.

•In order to prevent irreparable damages don’t use powder polishers, metallic wool (brighteners), polishing sponges, knifes, thinner, gasoline or others.

•The silicone (sealer between wood and glass) must be clean only with water and neutral soap. Avoid scraping with force or to clean in dry.

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