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German Technology

Long term protection due to PowerFeed technology

Cetol - Transparent coating
Rubbol - Non Transparent coating

• High resistance to the UV Sunrays
• Excelent elastic properties preventing
the coating surface from damaging
• Long-term durability
• High environmental tolerance
Pinturas Sikkens
Paleta de colores - Utilizada por EUROMAT
Behind the concept “PowerFeed” lies a innovative binder and product techno-logy which was developed in the international laboratories of Akzo Nobel in co-operation with the raw material industry, to create a new opaque and translucent generation with long term protection.

Wood is an alive product that exhibits exceptional and natural structures with different tonalities. If you wish to exhibit the naturalness of the wood, we use the coating Cetol from Sikkens that is translucent, which shows the structure and natural coloration of the wood. It is important to emphasize that the final colors of an assembled element may present tonality variations, depending on the original color of the used wood. This particularity differentiates the natural product from the artificial product.

If you are looking for a co-vering color, we use for the coating Rubbol from Sikkens, which offers a great variety of shades. These coatings cover the structure and coloration of the wood, offering a homo-genous tonality with maximum beauty in any chosen color.
Ventana - EUROMAT - Acabado Natural
Ventana - EUROMAT - Color

Ecology as a Quality Factor

For the coating of our production we chose the water-borne Sikkens products, which comply with the directives of the environmental standard RAL-UZ12 a (Blue Angel) – (Low-Pollutant Paints and Varnishes).

La Ecología como Factor de Calidad
All water-borne Sikkens products are categorized as low (Class 1), slightly harmful to quality of water. The preservative chemicals used to protect the timber are provided by Sikkens and are RAL certified. In this way, the compatibility with health considerations and environmental tolerances of each biocide is ensured.
Ventana - EUROMAT - Color

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