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German Technology
Exterior Opening Window
Ventana Apertura Exterior - EUROMAT  
Dos Hojas Cerradas / Two Wings Closed  
The exterior opening window opens its wings up to 90 degrees by manually operated turn handles. This mechanism fixes the opening of the wing at any desired position.

This window system is used when there is the desire or need of a complete opening to the outside and therefore without losing any internal space. In the closed position the element seals hermetically. Additionally we offer a vertically operated mosquito screen that closes hermetically too. This window system can only be used in wind protected areas.

Ventana Apertura Exterior - EUROMAT Sistema de Cierre Mosquitero
Mosquitero con Cierre Hermético / Hermetically Closing Screen Sistema de Cierre Mosquitero / Screen Closing System
Ventana Apertura Exterior - EUROMAT Ventana Apertura Exterior - EUROMAT
Una Hoja Abierta / One Wing Open Dos Hojas Abiertas / Two Wings Open
Esquema Ventana Apertura Exterior
Marco / Frame   Mínimo Máximo
Alto / Height   500 mm 1500 mm
Ancho / Width   680 mm 1000 mm
Grosor sin mosquitero
Thickness without screen
1500 mm
Grosor con mosquitero
Thickness with screen
1500 mm


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