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French Door
Puerta de Correr - Sistema GU
Puerta Francesa, 2 Hojas, Abiertas / French Door, 2 Wings, Open  
The French door is one of the most asked for door systems, due to its versatility for a direct and quick access to inside patio-, terrace, garden- and outside areas.

Its characteristics are, beside of its beauty, the multiple possibilities offered by this system. Whether a single opening door, a double wing opening door or a combination with one or two fixed elements, the French door will always comply with the wishes of a quick and uncomplicated access to the desired area.

An opening of 90 to 180 degrees can be achieved by positioning the frame centered or at the in- or outside edge of the door opening, which means centered 90 degrees, edged 180 degree wing opening. A 180 degree opening can also be achieved when placing the frame centered, by using a fixed glazing as a counter element.

A small aluminum half moon rail (5mm high) placed at the floor and a special gasket in the wing guaranty an excellent sealing of these elements, without disturbing the free pass.

In addition a magnetic wing holder is recommended, to avoid that the door wings close by themselves due to wind breezes.

These doors are available with a retractable accordion screen system.
Puerta de Correr - Sistema GU  
Puerta Francesa, 1 Hoja Abierta /
French Door, 1 Wing Open
Puerta de Correr - Sistema GU  
Puerta Francesa, Posición Cerrada / French Door, Position Closed  
Puerta de Correr - Sistema GU  
Puerta de Correr - Sistema GU Puerta de Correr - Sistema GU
Hydraulic arm for French Doors. The closing function is controlled hydraulically. Closing force and closing speed can be adjusted individually.
Puerta de Correr - Sistema GU   Retenedor magnético para puerta.
Tracción 30 Kg.

Magnetic door holder.
Traction 30 kg
Puerta de Correr - Sistema GU
Desconectado / Disconnected Conectado / Connected

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