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German Technology
Guillotine Window
Ventana Guillotina - EUROMAT  
Guillotina Cerrada / Guillotine Closed  
Opens up to 50% without losing space. The guillotine window is one of the most antique systems in Europe. No additional space is needed for its functioning.

Special weight compensators allow the window to open vertically without any effort, and position the sheet stably at any wished height, without having to secure it with hinges, in order for it to remain in the desired position.

For locations where a hermetic closing is not imminent. This system is available with mosquito screen.
Marco / Frame   Mínimo Máximo
Alto / Height   700 mm 1800 mm
Ancho / Width   500 mm 2000 mm
Grosor sin mosquitero
Thickness without screen
136 mm
Grosor con mosquitero
Thickness with screen
164 mm
Ventana Guillotina - EUROMAT Ventana Guillotina - EUROMAT
Medio Abierta / Half Open Abierta / Open
Esquema Ventana Guillotina

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