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Security Glasses
People live daily with glasses. At first glance they all look the same. A major difference occurs when a glass is broken. An untreated glass breaks into highly dangerous sharp pieces; therefore it shouldn't be placed everywhere. This fact, which often goes unnoticed, can cause serious accidents.  
Especially children are most likely to have accidents with glass, which even can be fatal.

To avoid these situations, many countries have developed and promulgated rules that require the use of safety glazing, in areas susceptible to human impacts or exposed to strong winds.

The two types of security glass most commonly used in construction: Tempered Glass and Laminated Glass
Tempered glass (Heat Treated)
Tempered glass, due to the heat treatment it goes through, breaks into small rounded fragments, and also presents a remarkable increase in mechanical and thermal shock resistance, and therefore greater security. A tempered glass has a resistance eight times higher than untreated glass.

Laminated Glass with EVA Interlayer

Laminated glass consists of two glass sheets bonded together by a layer of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), a plastic material with excellent qualities of adhesion, elasticity, transparency, and resistance.
The EVA layer acts as an adhesive between the glass sheets granting them additional security and resistance to impact and breakage, because the pieces are glued to it, thus avoiding the risk of cutting or penetrating wounds.

This provides a strong barrier against forced entry, physical attacks or thrown objects and also cannot be cut from one side. It also offers acoustic and solar control performance.

Laminated Clear 6/EVA 0.38/4mm

Light Transmission (Tv) 87%
Solar Factor (g) 76%
UV Transmission (UV) 0%
Ug-Value according to EN 673 (W/(m².K)) 5,6
Noise Insulation (dB) 35


Laminated Insulated Clear 6/EVA 0.38/4/12/6mm

Light Transmission (Tv) 78%
Solar Factor (g) 64%
UV Transmission (UV) 0%
Ug-Value according to EN 673 (W/(m².K)) 2,7
Noise Insulation (dB) 37

Laminated Bullet-proof Safety/Security Glass
It is a specialized product, elaborated with the purpose of supporting the penetration of unloaded projectiles from firearms.

A Bullet Proof Glass is a laminated glass assembled as a package of glass sheets of different thicknesses bonded together with films which have special shielding capability.
To perform correctly, bullet proof glass has to be installed, with the thickest glass sheet towards the outside (direction of the attack).

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