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German Technology
Push-Parallel-Sliding-Tilt Window (PSK System)

A window with three functions and the maximum hermetic closure available in sliding elements worldwide. Its movable leaf has imbedded gaskets, surrounding the perimeter of the window, which together with its semi-automatic hardware system guarantees the hermetical closure. The mobile leaf can also be placed in a secured tilt position for a continuous air flow.

Ventana de Correr Sistema PSK  
Posición Abierta / Position Open  
The ideal use of this system is for sliding windows temporarily exposed to strong climatic conditions, as well as in high buildings, or where together with the correct glass, a low g value (temperature transmission) or a minimum noise transmission (dB) is requested.

This system is available with different mosquito screen systems.

Esquema Ventana de Correr - Sistema PSK
Ventana de Correr Sistema PSK
Marco / Frame   Mínimo Máximo
Alto / Height   960 mm 2850 mm
Ancho / Width   1600 mm 4100 mm
Grosor sin mosquitero
Thickness without screen
67 mm
Grosor con mosquitero
Thickness with screen
146 mm


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