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German Technology
Sound and Noise
Protection against Noise

Acoustic coefficient dB (Decibels)
When we look into the sun, we closed our eyes, protecting them from the bright light. We cannot close our ears nor disconnect them; it is not possible to protect them from the noise, they are always open and never rest. When the noise reaches the nerves, stress is produced followed by irritability, nervousness and aggressiveness.A strong noise day after day or night after night affects the health. During our sleep, even very low level sounds produce stress reactions, which means, high hormonal distortions for which a higher level of noise would be necessary while being awake.
The effects of noise are:
• Disturbance of sleep
• Reduction of concentration
• Weakening of the mood
• Affects recovery and relaxation
• Gradually increases hearing defects
• A chronic elevation of cortisone due this stress factor represents a high risk of stomach, intestinal and heart diseases
Noise is measured in units called decibels (dB). The higher the number in decibels, the louder the noise. Every 3 dB means doubling the volume of noise.

The higher the noise insulation (Db) value of the glass, the better is the noise protection.

The noise cannot be isolated only utilizing the correct glass type. The complete window; composed of sound
proof glass, sound proof frame and wing, including the proper sealing system and installation are elemental to reach the goal requested; attenuation of external noises.

An increase of the sound level by 3 dB corresponds to a doubling of sound intensity.

An increase of the sound level by 6 dB corresponds to a fourfold increase in sound intensity.
Laminated Insulated Clear 6-EVA.38-6/12/6mm
Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
• Light Transmission (Tv) 77%
• Solar Factor (g) 64%
• UV Transmission (UV) 0%
• Ug-Value according to EN 673 (W/(m².K)) 2,8
• Noise Insulation (dB) 40

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