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Euromat was founded in 2000 as a response to the architectonic demand of high-quality wooden door and window systems. The flexibility of wood allows building any architectural design imaginable. The elegance and warmth that wooden Doors and Windows provide are in measurable.

Our success lies in our knowledge of world renowned German technology, the leading country with unbeatable experience in this field.

Our commitment for perfection is indispensable. The constant adjustment to new trends and technical progress, the strong focus to detail, and excellence results into incomparable quality products.

To produce the exactitude necessary for the correct functioning of our products we invested in knowledge and high end technology of Germany by importing the adequate machinery for our production.

As raw material we only use the highest quality of Dark Red Meranti wood (Shorea Pauciflora), growing in Malaysia and Indonesia and selected from our German wholesaler.

EUROMAT - Saret, Alajuela

This precious wood is the most qualified for high end products exposed to the exterior. Its specific characteristics of minimum absorption of humidity, resulting in an insignificant transformation of its dimensions under the constant climatic changes and humidity of the tropics, as well as its resistance to termites and fungus are its most outstanding qualities.

To comply with our quality standards, we also import from Germany all necessary hardware, handles, locks, rails, screws, silicon, and all necessary accessories as well as a special varnish with high resistance to ultraviolet sunrays.

Of equal importance is the supervision of the production process as well as the constant training of our local employees by graduated German engineers, specialized in the field of high end wooden window and exterior door systems.

Today we count with a team of over 50 Costa Rican employees, trained to work with the accuracy and detail needed for our products, including our own installation department which is indispensable for the correct operation and the offered warranties of the installed elements.

EUROMAT - Planta - Saret, Alajuela


Somos maestros en el arte de la construcción de las mejores ventanas y puertas de madera.
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