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German Technology
Characteristics of Wood

Wood is one of the most antique materials used by humans in the construction. It is exceptional for the production of windows and doors. Since centuries wood has demonstrated to be an incomparable and uncopyable material for the fabrication of elements exposed to the climatic inclemencies. It is completely biodegradable, serves as a great insulator, and is 100% renewable.

Today wooden windows with an antiquity of more than 200 years are still in use, even though these windows were not made with the modern methods of production of the present.

Dark Red Meranti
(Precious Wood)

The main qualities of Dark Red Meranti wood are its low absorption of humidity, main guarantor to maintain the dimensions and in consequence the optimal functioning of wood elements exposed to the outdoors, and its resistance against termites and fungus.

Dark Red Meranti wood also has an extraordinary firmness and the lowest coefficient of expansion by length, and this with great distance to all other materials used for production of windows and doors.

The expansions are:
- Dark Red Meranti Wood 0.002 mm/m
- Steel 0.012 mm/m
- Aluminum 0.024 mm/m
- PVC 0.080 mm/m

As temperature and humidity levels change in the
atmosphere, so do expansions of materials.

These unwished expansions cause problems such as lose of correct functions, affecting its ease to open and close, diminishing thermal and noise protection and ultimately deteriorating insulation, causing adverse protection from weather conditions, as in rain, wind and dust.

Meranti Rojo Oscuro  
Meranti Rojo Oscuro  

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