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Doors and Windows - Your Presentation Card,
from Inside and Outside
Puertas y Ventanas, por fuera y por dentro

Doors and Windows - Your Presentation Card,
from Inside and Outside

The doors and windows are the expression of you taste. They give your home the face and surface; your personal touch. They are not only useful to illuminate and ventilate an area; they are very important elements of the facade that enormously influence the general appearance of your home.

Merging the indoors and the outdoors is the essence of the philosophy behind today’s architectural designs. Lift-Slide-Tilt or Folding Doors represent the easiest way to create this merge.

Having a space equipped with wooden products, a material alive by nature which exhibits its exceptional structures and individual beauties, creates a warm, comfortable and elegant atmosphere, with harmony and peace; a sensation that only a natural and noble product, as is the wood, can create.

Puertas y Ventanas, por fuera y por dentro

Points to consider

• Appearance and Visual Comfort
The existence of daylight influences the psychicphysical mood of the inhabitant. A constant lack of daylight is harmful for the health.

• Ventilation
Without sufficient ventilation, the hermeticism of the closed window causes high air humidity. It is very important to regulate correctly the ventilation of the windows, to permanently allow the humidity to escape, giving the inhabitant his comfort.

• Solar and thermal protection
Due to our geographic location, the solar and thermal radiations are very important points to consider. This is reflected in aspects like glare, high luminance contrast and excessive heating of the interior. Because of these reasons it is recommendable to take some precautions on solar and thermal protection.

• Protection against noise

Special glasses, combined with our systems offers protection against external noise, which has increased dramatically in the last decade. The noise is perceived unconsciously by the organism as a stress factor. If the noise persists for a long time it will produce damages to the health.


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